PureWow: Free $10 Gift Card for Signing Up

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There is another great helpful site called PureWow.  They offer tips to women on everythingn from culture, to fashion to recipe ideas.  When you sign up through THIS LINK and scroll down, you will see an offer that will get you a free $10.00 gift card to No More Rack – shipping is always around $2.00!  You just have to sign up and you’ll get your gift card emailed to you.

Thanks Kerry!


    • Tracie says

      I honestly have been so swamped that I didn’t have a chance to check mine out, but my guess is that it is good like a credit to your account.

      • Jaime says

        It lasts for 60 days it says but you need to make a $20 purchase. great site regardless, same with PureWow