Question of the Day: Do Extra Care Bucks Generate on Pre or Post Coupon Totals?

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I absolutely love it when readers send me emails – they really make me smile!  And when I can answer a question, that makes my day even better.  I have actually received more than 10 emails about a topic recently and so I thought it might be a great time to just do a post (in case anyone else is wondering the same thing). Here is the question:

When CVS requires you to spend a certain amount to receive Extra Care Bucks, is the total before or after coupons?

The answer is simple — it is the total you spend before you hand over your coupons!  That means if the total you need to spend is $30 and you have $10 in coupons, then you will only end up actually paying $20 to get your ECB to generate!

If you have more questions about how to shop at CVS, check out this CVS 101 post – it might help answer more of your questions.  Of course – you can always leave a comment here or email me too – I am here to help!!!

Isn’t saving money fun!?!