Question of the Day: Does KC Penny Pinchin’ Mama Do All The Deals?

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I have had a few of you say you wish you could be with me when I shop or can’t believe how much money I save my family. Truth be told — I don’t do all of the deals I post! First of all, I don’t need a lot of them and secondly, I’d be broke if I did!

Deals can be great, but not all of them fit into what I need (or maybe what you need). I try to make sure that I share what I find because I never know what any of you may be looking for. I haven’t honestly done any of the on-line deals I posted about since early December.

As far as me grocery shopping — I ususally save about 25 – 30% every time I go. Rarely do I hit that 50-90% off. I do take the time to plan my menus based upon what is on sale. However, if we want fried chicken and it isn’t on sale, I’ll still buy it! Once I make my list, I sit down and try to find any coupons that are for items that aren’t on sale.

OK, so when I go to CVS, I will usually save 75-90%, but I only do the CVS deals about once a month or every two months. I don’t rush and purchase anything that might be free after ECBs. I just don’t have the need for most of those items.

Lesson learned: If you are passing up deals and thinking that you shouldn’t be – don’t. Just get what works for your family because if buying something just because it is a good deal is the ONLY reason you are getting the item, then you’ve just wasted your hard earned money.

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