QuikTrip: Free Hot Dog & Soda Fountain Drink

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When you join the QuikTrip Web Club, you will get coupons for free items each month.  You will even get a free hot dog & 32 oz soda fountain drink coupon just for signing up! You put so much money into your gas tank anyhow – so why not get something free in return?

Thanks Tracey!


    • Tracie says

      Click the link from your email. Then, you will need to login. So, that will require your email address. The next screen should ask for your code. Once you do that, you should be set!

  1. Renee says

    I have been enrolled in this for about 2 years now. Every month I get a link to a survey. After completing the survey they give you a coupon for something free. And yes, getting a free Snapple or pack of gum does ease the pain of putting $50 in your tank!