Quotable Books for $12 (Compare to $26)

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How many times does your child say something and you think “I have got to write that down!!!”  And then, you get busy…..and you forget!  Or, you just write it down on a piece of paper and lose it (this one has happened to me).

Now you can easily keep track of these adorable sayings with a Quotable book from Paper Coterie.  You can even personalize your book with up 19 photos and keep it handy. It’s a beautiful and simple way to record quotes while they’re fresh, and treasure them for years to come.   Follow these steps to get yours:

  1. Go to Paper Coterie.
  2. Click on Documenting from the Menu.
  3. Scroll down under do-it-together to find the Quotable Book (retail price).
  4. Click on this book and create your own.
  5. Add it to your shopping cart and use the coupon code QUOTEABLE at checkout.
  6. You will pay just $12!

This offer runs through September 2, 2012.