Raise.com: Get Gift Cards at Reduced Prices + Save $5/$75

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I love finding new and exciting ways to help save my family money.  And, in true Penny Pinchin’ fashion – I love to pass that information along to all of you!  There is a site I recently learned about called Raise.com.  This is another great resource where you can purchase gift cards for less than face value (which I call my own little money makers).  Think about it  — if you spend $20 for a $25 gift card, that is $5 right in your own pocket!

When you visit the Raise marketplace, you can find gift cards to several different retailers including Home Depot, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart — and more!!  Using the site is just so simple!  I love that finding the card you want is simple.  You can just click the first letter of the merchant you want — looking for Kohl’s cards?  Click the “K”.   You can then even go further to narrow down your search by finding physical or electronic gift cards.  It is really easy to find just what it is your searching for!


While I was looking around, I found gift cards to stores I’d never thought to look for.  One of these was Marshall’s.  I found cards discounted by as much as 11% off of the retail price!  Bam!  That is money in my pocket!!!!  To make it even better the Marshall’s gift cards can be redeemed at not only Marshall’s, but also Home Goods and T.J. Maxx – which gives my gift card even more bang for it’s buck.

Right now, if you spend $75, you will instantly save $5 on your purchase (yep – that means more money for YOU)!  Just use the coupon code RAISE75 (new customers only).

Now, if you happen to have unwanted gift cards lying around, you can turn around and sell them on Raise.com too. Just find the card you want to sell, click on Sell Gift Cards at the top of the page and follow it through.  This is another way to turn those unwanted cards into cash!

Check out Raise.com and see if you can’t find a discounted card with YOUR name on it!

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