Reader Question: Can You Stack BOGO Coupons with Another Coupon?

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I’ve answered this question before, but it is one that comes up quite frequently, so I thought that it might help many of you.  The question is:

“Can I use another “cents or dollar off” coupon when I use a B1G1 Free coupon?”

As much as I wish the answer were simply YES or NO, it is really “Well….maybe.”  Why?  First of all, you have to know if your store will allow you to do this.  Some may and some may not.  Review your store’s policy and if it is not clearly stated, you can either inquire at the customer service desk before you shop, or just go for it and see if your coupons ‘beep’ at you when you are checking out.

Now, comes the part of the question “is it legal?”  This is where you find arguments on both sides.  Below you will find the argument for both sides.

YES:  This  argument stands that the coupon offer is saving money on the free item and NOT the one you have to purchase, so you should still be able to use a cents off coupon on that one.  Here is an example:

If you have a coupon for $0.75/1 product + a B1G1 coupon, you can use both coupons.  The $0.75/1 coupon comes off of the first item and the second item is free – showing that you are using a coupon for each individual item.

Of course, if your coupon is for $0.75/2, you can not combine it with a B1G1 coupon.  The reason is that your $0.75/2 coupon is already being used on 2 items, so you can no longer use another coupon on your 2nd purchase.

NO:  The coupon is a manufacturer’s coupon that is already tied to both items — you are buying one and they are giving you one item for free.  Basically, look at your BOGO coupon the same as a $1/2 coupon.  That means that you can only use one on both items being purchased.

Some coupons have now been coded not to work together, so you not even know until such time as you head to the cashier and it is scanned.  I always recommend you hand over the BOGO coupon first, so that if your second one beeps, you don’t have any issue of having to void coupons and create additional work for your cashier.

This is absolutely one of those grey couponing areas where there is not a tried nor true answer.  This is one of those scenarios where you have to do what you feel is ethically correct.  No one can decide that except for you — and no one should pass judgment upon you one way nor the other either.