Recycle Bank: Earn Up to 140 Points

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If you haven’t yet signed up at Recyclebank, now would be a great time to do so!  I love to accumulate points and then redeem them for some great coupons — sometimes those you can’t get anywhere else!   I complete contests and things and try to keep my points built up so that I can redeem them when some of these offers come along.

Here is a way to get a quick 140 points:

  1. Take the GREEN YOUR HOME challenge — this will put 70 points in your account.
  2. While in that challenge, you will see the Living Room is unlocked – this will get you 45 points.
  3. If you take the Partners in Purpose Quiz, you can pick up 25 points.

There are lots of other ways that you can rack up points — all to help increase awareness and to help get the recycling movement to grow even larger!  It is a great way to help the planet while getting a little something for yourself!

Thanks, Passion for Savings!