Recycle Bank: Get Great Coupons & Even Free Magazines!

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I’ve talked about Recycle Bank before, but it is such a great program, that it is worth mentioning – in case you haven’t yet signed up! Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up at Recycle Bank.  When you do, register without activating your account.  This should credit your account with 25 points.

2.  Go into your account and you will see a link to join the conversation about reusing — through Ebay. Click this link and follow the prompts to get a quick 50 points in your account.

3.  Head on over to and get a code to credit your account with a quick 15 points.

4.  Enter points code under points partner nature made: 031604025496 5 times to you’ll add another 50 points.

Once your account has been credited with your points, sign in. Select GET REWARDS from the top of the screen. Just look through the list and you will find lots of great coupon offers.   They have great coupons for Huggies, Clorox products and more — and higher value that you can normally find in the newspaper or on-line!  They now even offer magazine subscriptions — so you can pick up Oprah, Redbook or even others possibly for FREE!

Be sure to read up on different ways you can increase your points by doing things to help the environment by recycling.  Plus – you can get rewarded in the process!