RedBox: How to Earn Free Rentals

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If you are a fan of RedBox, you might be in search of ways to get those coveted FREE rentals!  There are actually a few different ways that you can do just that:

  • Create an account on-line at RedBox and then reserve and rent a movie.  Once you do – you’ll get your next one FREE!
  • Join the text club for Free Movie Mondays (get a unique code emailed to you).
  • Share your unique referral code and earn free rentals when friends rent on-line.

The best one of all – just use the code DVDONME at any kiosk and instantly get a free rental (or $1 off of any Blu-ray rental)!    My husband and I don’t like to pay the high ticket prices at the theatre, so we always wait and then rent movies at the Redbox at our local grocery store.   For us, it makes for a really cheap date night!