Redbox Movie Matchup Game: Win Free Rental Codes

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March Madness is beginning soon.  Redbox is celebrating by offering fans a chance to win Free one-day movie rental promo codes.   In fact, you can earn up to SIX free movies – just by entering!!

Players can vote for their favorite movie from a daily matchup between two titles, with a total of 32 movies over five rounds of voting. The 32 movies are grouped into four categories (Exciting, Serious, Fun, Scary) with eight movies per category. In each round, a daily vote is worth a certain amount of points:

  • Round 1 = 200 points
  • Round 2 = 400 points
  • Round 3 = 600 points
  • Round 4 = 800 points
  • Round 5 = 1,000 points

Your points will be tallied and you will have a chance to earn free rental codes by reaching tiers based upon your point totals:

  • RUBY: 10,000 points or more (awarded 3 promo codes)
  • GOLD: 7,500 points or more (awarded 2 promo codes)
  • SILVER: 5,000 points or more (awarded 1 promo code)

Learn more and get started in the fun on the Redbox Facebook page.