Reminder: Dr. Oz Nike Shoes Giveaway in 10 Minutes

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Reminder!!  In just 10 minutes, Dr. Oz is giving away 2,011 pair of Nike Shoes!  Head over to THIS page and keep refreshing a few minutes before 3 pm EST to see if you are one of the first!


  1. Tiffany T says

    So another one bites the dust….I was there as it listed the website…and get an error 404 at the listed website. 🙁

  2. amanda says

    what a joke! at first I got in saying “enter now” but I could not click on the link, so I tyed it into the search box and then all I get is, cannot display webpage! So is it a huge scam???? did anyone get any shoes?

  3. Jen G says

    Well I got to the registration page but it wouldn’t submit. Maybe I got lucky guess I’ll have to wait and see :/

  4. says

    I started 10 mins prior finally saw that you had to go to another website with no link to click on. that site would not load after reloading for more than 10 mins I got the registration to come up which then would not submit for another 10 mins. gosh my luck lol I am pretty sure. I didnt win.

  5. barbara says

    I also got to registration page..but I don’t think it will take since it didn’t submit and no confirmation

  6. Michelle T. says

    I got as far as actually being able to enter my info on the registration page but once I hit submit, I got the same timed out error! Darn…I was all excited that I actually got to enter my info!

  7. says

    I received a confirmation but I swear I hit submit like 40 times and then walked away and came back after 5 mins and it said it had submited and thank you and please visit dr. oz. I doubt I got a pair of shoes but can ensure you all I have anxiety lol

      • Carolina Dhabolt says

        Mine said it went through too but I haven’t got any email yet so I am wondering how does it work, through email or mail.

  8. Sandra says

    I think I got a pair..Finally got the form to come up and submitted. I didn’t see anything that told me I got a pair until I seen my scroll bar was at the bottom and I scrolled up and it said they received my form. Yeppee!! Never get that lucky..

  9. Gay says

    I also got the form once, but after I filled it out hit the submit button and then it said there was an error, kicked me out of the form and I never got back in.

  10. Carolina Dhabolt says

    I got the error right after I submitted my form also but I kept trying and refreshed the page prolly 50 times before it told me it went through! lol keep trying, i know its hard but maybe you get lucky too 🙂

  11. says

    just saw the first few posts that people who won the shoes are receiving their email vouchers. I hope I won. If anyone in here wins please let us know! I soooo want to know lol

  12. Courtney says

    I had to refresh a ton of times to get to the form to fill out and then refreshed like fifty times after filling out the information and finally got a message that said “Thank you for registering”. I’m hoping that means I got through. I still haven’t received a confirmation e-mail so who knows.

  13. Stephanie says

    I got to enter my info and submit. Then it said thank you for registering. Sooooo….. We’ll see I guess. Good luck to everyone!

  14. Carolina Dhabolt says

    Has anyone whose form went throught got an email or any type of confirmation or should we wait for something in the mail? Just wondering

  15. says

    Well, it appears you have to type in the link that it says to go to. But when you go there now it says “contest over” so not sure if people are still trying but I wouldn’t. Not that the submit button works anyway!

  16. Carolina Dhabolt says

    I haven’t received any email thats why I’m wondering because it said my form went through but nothing yet.