Resources (Some of My Favorite Things)

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If you are looking for resources for various aspects of your life, let me share with you those which I personally love and would recommend to anyone I know.  The great thing is that you can rest assured that these have been vetted and are companies whom I can stand behind.



I do what I can to save money on the products my family needs.  This includes everything from apples to zippers.  Here are the tools I use to save where I can.


Hurry and grab these new (or reset) printable coupons before they run out of prints. And many of them DO run out of prints!Printable coupons.  This is one of the simplest ways to save money.  The issue is using sites you can trust.  These are the ones I use on a regular basis:



Penny Pinchin Mom Coupon Database image

I also love using the FREE coupon database to quickly see if there is a coupon for a product I need to buy. Saves me time and money (and best of all – it is free for you to use too)!



Ibotta.  This is an app which you can access on your phone.  The way it works is that you find the items you want to purchase on the list and the add them to your account.  The more actions you complete for each one (i.e. watching a video, sharing with friends, etc), the more your savings increases.

Just buy the item and then scan your receipt.  Within a few days the savings is deposited in your account and you can get the cash back.



I rarely shop in the store anymore.  Being a busy mom of 3 and a business owner, there just isn’t time.  Here are a few of my favorite sites:


AMAZON.  What’s there not to love about Amazon?  You can almost anything you need.  My Amazon Prime membership gives me free shipping (along with other perks).

While I absolutely LOVE all of the perks of my Amazon Prime membership, one of my favorite pages is their coupon page.  Yep – use coupons when you shop online!



Kohl’s. With all of the coupons and discounts they offer, there is never any reason to pay full price for anything when you shop through them.

Between coupon codes, Yes 2 You Rewards and Kohl’s cash, it is truly a bargain shopper’s paradise. Best of all, they always list every discount you can find on their coupons and promos page.  I always check here any time I am shopping.



Aldi.  This is probably my favorite grocery store! While they don’t accept coupons, that doesn’t matter to me as the prices are so low that you save more than you would at a regular store even WITH coupons.

If you have not shopped at this store before, read my post about the Ten Things You Must Know When Shopping at Aldi as well as my Top Things to Buy at Aldi.

Once you see the savings at this store, it will be come one of your favorites too!


Coupon Sherpacoupon-sherpa.  This is my all-time favorite retail coupon app. I use this app whenever I am out shopping as I find coupons to retailers all of the time – in just one place.





I talk a lot about budgeting and getting out of debt.  There are many tools I recommend readers use to help them along their financial journey.

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-9-09-02-amCredit Sesame.  It is important to always watch your credit score.  Rather than pay a monthly fee, I use Credit Sesame to check it for free.  You can read a bit more about Why Your Credit Score Matters and then sign up for free with Credit Sesame.

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-9-11-56-amDebt Relief.  If you are really struggling with your debt, you might need to get additional help. The Debt Relief Hotline can connect you with someone who can help.  The number to call is:  866-948-5666.


Every Dollar Appscreen-shot-2015-03-25-at-8-21-09-am.  This is one of my favorite apps for creating a budget and working yourself out from under debt. It was developed by the Dave Ramsey team, so it uses his principles in setting and following a budget.  There is a free version you can use, or you can pay for the upgrade and access even more features.  You can read my review of the Every Dollar app before you make a decision.



Running a blog can be a great way to bring in additional money for your family.  It is a lot of hard work, but for me it work!  Here are some of the resources I use to run this site:

emailEmail provider.  I use ActiveCampaign for all of my newsletters.  I love that I can set up automation to deliver sign up content and other details. The best thing of all is the analytics and reporting available.  It is easy to see open rates, and even click through rates within the emails themselves.




wiredtreeHosting.  My hosting company is Wired Tree.  They are an amazing company, but a bit expensive if you are just beginning.  For new bloggers, I highly recommend Blue Host or Site Ground.  Both are priced competitively and will get your site up and running pretty quickly.


studiopress-postWordPress Themes.  Your theme for your site is the general layout. It sets up the basics of your site so you can add your own logo, colors, etc to personalize it.  Using a theme helps you create a blog people will want to follow.  I would check out the themes on StudioPress (if you are on WordPress).

I use one of their themes and love it!  They just do all of the hard work for you and you just have to make a few slight tweaks and edits and your site is up and running.



imagesAffiliate partnerships:  Yes, I make money blogging.  One way I do this is through affiliate marketing.  This is when you provide links to products or retailers in your posts.  Then, when someone makes a purchase, you get paid.   If you are brand new to affiliate marketing, I highly recommend the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course.  It will get you set up for absolute success.

Some of the programs I use include:

Linkshare (use for commission based advertisers)
Escalate Network
Shop Her Media
Brandcaster (
Commission Junction (use for commission based advertisers)
Pepperjam Network (use for commission based advertisers)
Share a Sale Network (use for commission based advertisers)