Reusable Lunch Bag Sets As Low As $8.99 Each

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School is around the corner and that means it will be time for lunches!  An easy way to save is to use reusable lunch bags for your kids’ lunches.  BelleChic has reusable lunch and snack bag sets for as little as $8.99!  The colors and styles are just absolutely adorable and will brighten up your kids’ lunch boxes.

If you want to compare prices, you can find a 3 set of reusable bags on Amazon right now for $25!  BelleChi has a much better price (and the designs are much cuter).  If you are new to the site, here is what you might want to know about BelleChic:

BelleChic is your place to buy handmade goods from the world’s best artisans. Be inspired by their artistry, passion, and creativity while you discover BelleChic – “the beautiful style.”

Not only will you find savings of up to 75% off, you’ll meet your new favorite designers. In short, it’s the best of the best of handmade.

We’ve used these reusable for our kids before and I absolutely LOVED them!  I hated that we were throwing away money every single day.  We started to use these and my kids know to bring them back home and we clean them up and use them again.  Definitely an easy way to save money!

Hurry on over to BelleChic and check out the adorable designs!