Review of Sparky’s Birthday Surprise App and Rescue Dogs, Firefighting Heroes and Science Facts

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As parents, it is important that we teach our children about all sorts of things.  One of them is Fire Safety.  We talk about this quite a bit in our home.  We discuss what to do if we see a fire, how to leave the house and even how to stop drop and roll. works hard as well to educate children about fire safety.  They do so through with the help of their friend – Sparky!

They have a free app available for kids ages 2-6.  You can find it available on these platforms:

We downloaded this app to our devices and my two youngest kids played it.  When the app first loads,  the kids have the option to read the book only, read and play or  .  My kids of course always opted for read and play.  As you go through the book and read it to your kids, you can click on different words and then items will “sparkle” letting your kids know that they can click to see something happen!


You will see garage doors open, her bells ring, and even hear from Sparky himself!  I really appreciated the interactive fun of the app, which it was teaching my kids about firefighters and safety.  Not only did this app allow us to do something together, my kids were able to play on their own too!

I have another daughter who is 9 and she wasn’t interested in this app.  So, we downloaded a book for her to read instead called, Rescue Dogs, Firefighting Heroes and Science Facts.  You can find this book available for download here:


After she read the book, I asked her what she thought.  She told me that the science facts was the best part.  Of course, she loves science, so that doesn’t surprise me that she was drawn to that section of the book.    We actually practiced one thing she had learned – that fire needs oxygen to grow.  I had a jar candle lit in the kitchen and we talked about what would happen if we put the lid on.  She immediately knew that it would not have the oxygen it would need – so she put the lid on to confirm that she was right.  At her age, it is not only important that she understand fire safety, but the science behind it all.

As we head into October, that means Fire Prevention Week is just around the corner — starting October 6th and running through October 12th.   This is the perfect time to download the apps and books listed above (or you can head HERE to find them all).  If you happen to be a home school educator or teacher, you can find even more downloads including interactive whiteboard lessons, printable worksheets and discussion questions — head HERE to learn more.

All in all, we really liked both the books and the apps.  My kids picked up some new tips, all while they thought that they were just having fun!  That is MY kind of learning!

Visit Sparky School House to learn more.

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