REVISED – Missouri Tax Free Holiday Weekend

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I am reposting this topic because, well, quite frankly….I am a blonde and don’t apparently know how to read a calendar! LOL!!!

The Missouri Tax Free weekend begins the first FRIDAY in August. Well, July 31st, is obviously not in August. That means, that the tax free weekend for 2009 will run from August 7 – 9th. If you live in the KC Metro area, but on the Kansas side, you might want to cross the state line to do some back to school shopping!

Not all cities and/or counties participate, so you will want to check yours here. Certain items are not included in the tax break so you will want to review the full list of regulations here as well.

If you do not live in Missouri, you may want check out this list to see if your state is participating in one for you.

I will be sure to post a reminder for everyone so that no one forgets!!!

A HUGE thanks to reader, AMY, for contacting me and asking me about this so that I could find my error and get it fixed.