Rite Aid Offers Tugaboo Diapers $0.99 + $1.00/1 Coupon

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Rite Aid is releasing it’s own brand of diapers called Tugaboos.  They compare in quality to the other national brands, but at a much lower cost.   The new baby care line is part of Rite Aid’s plan to revamp its entire private brand program with a new look, new brands and additional offerings to meet the needs of today’s value-driven consumer.

Tugaboos uses new diaper design technology for additional absorbency and leakage protection and offers a money-back customer satisfaction guarantee right on the package. Tugaboos includes jumbo and overnight diapers and trainers and are hypoallergenic. Creams, lotions and wipes are among the products that will be added to the line of Tugaboos baby care products.

Parents and caretakers can watch short informational videos about Tugaboos-Premium Diapers and Tugaboos Training Pants on Rite Aid’s Video Values online savings program site at www.riteaid.com, earning $1 off coupons. Videos on the site can be viewed by brand, category or manufacturer. Customers also receive a $5 Rite Aid Bonus Coupon when they earn 20 video credits. Some videos are worth multiple credits.

What is great is that they are offering $0.99 trial packs and they have $1.00/1 coupons to use towards your next purchase!  (Have I mentioned how I wish we had these stores in Kansas City?).


    • Tracie says

      It is a coupon intended to be used on your next purchase, not on the trial size packages.