Rite Aid: Updated Coupon Policy

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If you shop at Rite Aid, you will want to take note of their new coupon policy.  You can review and print it here.  The biggest change is that you can no longer use BOGO coupons with BOGO promotions to get both items for free.


  1. Joye says

    Our rite aid is tiny and ppl pitch a fit if you buy more then 5 things cause they have to wait since there are only like 3 employees, so I dont even go there anymore

  2. Samantha Cantrill says

    So, if we can only use 4 identical coupons for the same number of items, does this mean if we have more than 4 we have to do separate transactions?

  3. Bill says

    Are there even any in Kansas City? I’ve looked and didn’t find any, but might be missing something….