Roberts Dairy Milk Coupon

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We go through so much milk in our house that we try to save any way that we can. Thankfully, Roberts Dairy puts out coupons for $0.55/1 gallon of milk on their website!  I actually save more with this coupon than I even can on the store brand (which is esentially the same brand).  Make sure that you sign up and you can print this coupon over and over again as it is not limited in prints and is good through June 30, 2011!  What a great way to NOT pay full price for milk!!!


  1. says

    I have been using this coupon for about 2 weeks now…on about 6 gallons of milk! I really like the .40/1 1/2 gal flavored milk coupon too…our grocery store doubles .40 or less coupons, so I have been getting 1/2 gals of strawberry and chocolate milk for a little over a dollar a piece!

  2. Staci says

    I thought I was a coupon junkie by just the Sunday paper, you have created a monster with all your helpful tips. thanks so much

  3. Lynn says

    I love the Roberts milk coupons. HyVee carries it….but only in some of their stores. I’ve come to know which ones around town have it and which ones don’t. And it’s less expense that the HyVee brand.