Swagbucks: Earn Collector’s Bills This Week for MORE Points

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If you are on Swagbucks, make sure you do some searches there this week!  Why?  Well – they are giving out COLLECTOR’S BILLS through October 31st.  So, what’s a Collector’s Bill?  They are just “bills” you find and collect while doing searches.  If you happen to get all five of them during this promotional period, you can earn a quick 13 points.  How simple is that?!

If you are new to the site and sitting there scratching your head about this site, I can fill you in.  Swagbucks is a free site you can join.  You then earn points for doing things such as completing no-obligation special offers, trading in old electronics and even just doing searches!  Those points can be redeemed for great items such as free gift cards to places such as Amazon, CVS, JCPenney and more!  Head over to Swagbucks to sign up so you can earn those points today!

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