Que Rica Vida: Free Samples and Coupons

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General Mills Que Rica Vida is giving away free samples.  I know I mentioned my coupon booklet recently, but I am seeing  more reports of great free offers.  So, I thought it was worth mentioning again so you can get some possible freebies.   If you need help with interpreting the form, just read the answers below:

Saludo:  Mr, Mrs, or Miss
Nombre:  First Name
Appellido: Last Name
Direccion 1:  Street Address
Ciudad: City
Estado:  State
Codigo Postal: Zip Code
Fech de nacimiento:  Birthday  — Month Day Year
El Correro Electronico:  E-mail address
Clave:  Password
En cual tienda haces la mayoria compras la comida:  Where you do your grocery shopping?
Continuar:  Continue