Sam’s Club: 10 Week Membership for $10

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If you have been considering a Sam’s Club Membership, now might be a good time to sign up.  For a limited time, you can get a 10 week membership for just $10 — or $1 per week.  This offer is available now through June 5th. 

I get questions all of the time about shopping at warehouses and the deals you can get.  I tell people that you have to know the prices of your products before you shop.  Even if you don’t know the actual price, just having an idea of your per unit cost is important. 

For instance, you might pay $1.99 for a 40 oz bottle of Heinz ketchup at your local grocery store.  If you walk along and see a 3 pack of 16 oz bottles priced at $4.25, you might think that is a great deal….but think again.  Comparing your per unit pricing shows the deal at your grocery store is better:

Heinz 40 oz, $1.99
Paying $0.05 per ounce

Heinze 3 pack of 16 oz = 48 total ounces, $4.25
Paying $0.08 per ounce

The good thing about wareshouse clubs are deals you might find on meat and some produce.  Just remember when it comes to your household staples, that you can not redeem coupons at Sam’s Club.  However, for $10, it might be worth the cost for you to make some trips and do some price comparisons for yourself.   Head here to learn more.