Sam’s Club Membership: $15 for 15 Weeks

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Sam’s Club has a special promotion right now for anyone who does not yet have a membership.  You can get 15 weeks’ accesss to the club for just $15.    The idea is to give you access to club discounts and deals throughout the holidays and into the first part of 2012.  You can purchase your membership either in the club or on-line.

To find the promo – just go to the main screen and then you will see a scrolling image box in the center.  Click on the 3 and you should see this offer right there.  Then, click on it and it should take you to the place where you can sign up to get in on this deal!

Keep in mind that buying in warehouses doesn’t always mean the best deal, but you certainly can find some pretty good ones if you look around.  Here are things to keep in mind before you consider a Sam’s Club membership:

  • How often do you think you will shop there?
  • Make sure you know the per unit prices before you shop so that you do not pay more than you would in the store.
  • Keep in mind that warehouses do not accept manufacturer’s coupons — consider this when checking out prices.
  • Do you think you can save more than the membership fee?  You don’t want to lose any money.


  1. Erin says

    This sounds like a good trial run to see if it would work long term, however I’m not seeing the $15 price anywhere on their website. Could you directly link it?

    • Tracie says

      That was the only link they provided to me – that the rate was $15 for 15 weeks startingn on October 4th. I will email her back and ask if there is a specific link to go through on-line in order to get this rate.

  2. robin says

    I’ve been looking for hours and still do not see any $15 offer for any of the memberships. Help.

    • Tracie says

      When the main screen comes up, there is a scrolling image on the front. You will see numbers 1 – 5 at the top of that image. You can click on 3 and it will go there – click the image and sign up.

    • Tracie says

      In the main screen you will see a scrolling image….click on the 3 and then you will see the promotion. Click that window and it should take you right there. 🙂