Save Money For College While Shopping

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If there is one thing that nearly all parents can agree upon is that college is expensive.  VERY expensive.  As parents, we are trying to do what we can to save now, but for some, that is jut not an option.  This infograhpic below from Upromise really explains it quite well.

One easy way to save NOW for the future is by doing what you are already doing – shopping!  As the image above shows, if you just use your card on back to school shopping, you’ll save more than $500 towards college.  Now, that might not sound like much — but it is still $500!!  A penny saved is a penny earned and when it comes to college, you need a whole bunch of those pennies!

Here is how UPromise works:  When you shop on-line, up to 5% of your purchase price is funded to your college savings plan.  If you use the card when you dine out, you can save up to 8% of your bill.  Sure, you could try to do this one your own, but honestly…….will you?  This is done automatically for you (and doesn’t cost you anything).

It is free to sign up and you aren’t missing out on anything but saving money.  Head here to learn more!



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    Wow. With the lifetime cost of raising a child exceeding $200k, every opportunity to save should be utilized. That high price tag doesn’t even include college or private school. I noticed the U.S. birth rate declined during the recession. That infographic explains why.