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If you are planning on getting out to your garden soon or doing some home improvements/repairs this spring, make sure you are saving where you can.  While you often won’t find amazing deals on the items you need for these projects, you can actually save on your purchase.  How?  Why, with discounted gift cards of course!
I previously shared information with you about a great gift card discount site called    This is such a great way to save money on the places you are going to shop anyhow!!  Right now would be the perfect time to check them out to save on all of your spring spruce-up needs.  Check out some of these discounts:
  • Home Depot: up to 8% off
  • Hobby Lobby: up to 17% off
  • Michael’s: up to 23% off
  • JC Penney: up to 20% off
  • Home Goods: up to 7% off
  • Lowe’s: up to 4% off
  • …and more!!

Not only will you save on the gift card values, you can save $5 off of a $75 purchase with the code RAISE75. This code will work for new customers only, so this might be the perfect way to try them out!

Remember that you can not only buy your gift cards here, you can also sell those you have which you won’t use. Why not turn that drawer of plastic into cold hard cash!

Check out the deals on


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    Thanks for the info. I was looking for ways to save with home improvement ideas and this is certainly a good one? I was surprised to see how much Michaels was discounting.