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My kids and I love books.  It is part of our routine to read to them every single day.  If we have something come up and it throws off the schedule, they still want us to find a way to fit in reading time.  As my kids have gotten older and into school, we’ve started to purchase Scholastic books from the numerous book fairs througout the school year.  It is such an easy way for us to feed their love of books (and help out our local schools).

Kellogg’s understands the positive impact reading at home can have on students’ success in the classroom. That’s why they’ve partnered with Walmart and Scholasticthis fall. With the purchase of specially marked Kellogg’s products at Walmart stores, parents can redeem a coupon for a free Scholastic book of their child’s choice.  You simply purchase 2 specially marked Kellogg’s products or one Kellog’s Tri-Pack at walmart and you will get a coupon worth up to $5 to use towards a book of your choice from Scholastic.   You can get more details (and enter your codes) by heading here.


One reader will receive a gift box filled with Kellogg’s Products, Scholastic Books and helpful tips to encourage in-home reading.

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1.  What do you do to instill a love of reading in your kids (or family members/friends who are children)?

This contest will be open until November 16, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. CST. The winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email. Said winner will have 48 hours in which to provide me with their mailing address so that the prize can be forwarded to them. GOODLUCK!!!

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  1. Jen Wilson says

    We read every night before bed. I also make sure my kids see me reading too. I let them pick out books they are interested in so they won’t give up quickly and move on to video games.

  2. jan says

    We go to the library alot. We are also having a Book Fair at school now. He worked hard to earn money to buy a Pokemon book that was according to him hard to find.

  3. Kelly says

    We read a variety of books. We sing songs, give each character a different voice, and sometimes act out the story, or change it a bit. I let there imagination “run Wild”. it is fun, and they really get into it.

  4. MJ Argo says

    My husband and I read to our kids on a daily basis, and make sure that our kids see us reading as well.

  5. Stacey B. says

    Bedtime stories and my third grade son often reads to his little brother and sister to help him with his reading.

  6. nicole w says

    during bath time, we try to put [foam/bath] letters together to form a word, and then we read stories every night.

  7. Jena J. says

    I read to my children everyday. I also have personalized books made for them for their 5th Birthday. It is something they cherish for years to come.

  8. Jenny says

    I have 3 boys. We read together all the time. Once a month I let them pick out a new book when we go shopping. They love getting new books to add to their collection.

  9. Kathy says

    We love to go to the Scholastic Warehouse sale that is in December. The kids pick out books which is perfect for Christmas break!

  10. amanda says

    we love to read, but while doing it we always stop to ask “what will happen next” My 5 year old is now in K and I will catch her reading to her younger sister, I cant help but laugh when she stops and says, “whats gonna happen” I love that think about what they are reading.

  11. andrea C says

    I read a lot, and my kids love listening to stories, especially when I get into character, and give fun voices for different people 😉 Some of our favorite books come out in lines that my kids will repeat at funny times
    (Right now they are repeating lines from Red Sails to Capri, and The School Story )

  12. Delphie thielen says

    All the kids love for me to read to them! I have been reading “Chugga Chugga Choo Choo” AT LEAST once a day for about 4 years now!

  13. Micaela says

    No one in my family likes to read just for the fun of it. I have a baby brother who is 9yrs old and im 30 yrs old. Im the only one who loves to read. Since he was a baby i have read to him. He loves books and we read all the time. plus visit half priced books on sundays.

  14. Amy says

    I began reading to my son as soon as he was born. We read together every night, and often during the day as well. He loves going to the library, and his “lovey” is even a touch-and-feel book that he can’t go to bed without.

  15. Rachel says

    If I read a book I know a certain person will like I pass the book on & I always encourage my kids to read! I LOVE to read!

  16. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    We do a few things. We read together every night (mainly with the younger kids…the older kids read on their own unless it’s a traditional holiday-time story), give them private time for reading on the weekends, and ALWAYS participate in the Summer Reading club at our public library!

  17. Heidi says

    We consider visits to our local library a BIG deal/outing & participate in any reading programs that are available to us. Also, we start reading to our children when they’re babies, so they develop a love of reading from an early age. (: Our kids are 5 & 3 and they BOTH love to read books together with us – especially at bedtime.

  18. Tamah Collier says

    We’ve read to our kids since they were little. They go to the library once a week at school. They see mom and dad read.

  19. Emily Adams says

    Me and my daughter always go to the library at least once a week, she also reads at least one book daily.

  20. Krista taylor says

    We read almost every night before bed and I take my kids to the library. My 6 year old also uses the iPad to read about things he’s interested in. We keep a well stocked couple of shelves form each child in their rooms and we love the storia app from scholastic.

  21. sonia says

    I read a chapter book out loud to my daughter for 30 mins, then she reads back to me another 30 mins or less, it’s a good bonding time in the evening that we both look forward too !!

  22. Kelly D says

    I encourage my children to read books about topics they love. For my son right now it’s cats and my daughter loves books about dogs.

  23. says

    When my kids were young, I read to them every day. We’d get cuddled up in bed together and read a couple little books, and as they got older we graduated to chapter books to keep them interested! And they still love reading!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  24. Jessica B. says

    I have lots of books for my son to choose from. I rotate them so they are new to him. I sit and read with him everyday.

  25. Stephanie G says

    I read to my children every day, even my two teen girls. They love it when I “continue” a book from night to night. I would love to win this for my little Emeline 🙂

  26. Christina says

    I have a huge love of reading, I love to read! So from when my kids were very young, we’ve gone to the library to check out books (and play, read while we are there, music time, etc). I’ve also read to my kids every night! I love that my daughter and I can read books together now, she also loves that time.

  27. tina says

    We started reading to our kids at birth, visit the library. We also have a huge book selection at home & give books as presents.

  28. says

    My girls absolutely love to read…we read for fun, at the library, in the car, at the park, before bed time…it is one of their most favorite things to do. All of this started before they were even born…

  29. Carmen says

    We have lots of books readily available for my daughter to pick up at any time. We often read to her during the day, but always make a habit of reading one or two stories at bedtime. She’s now starting to “read” to us.

  30. Susan J says

    We try to let them pick out their own books to read and even enjoy magazines – such as Highlights and Lego

  31. Norma says

    We allow our children to pick out books that they want to read or want read to them. Then each night we have “reading time.” I have also read to the kids since the day I found out I was pregnant with them.

  32. Linda W. says

    We read every night, they get books as presents for their birthdays and they love visiting the library.

  33. Hilary Wicklund says

    We read each and every night before bed and my daughter’s school also uses Book-It. Who doesn’t love a free personal pan pizza for reading? 🙂