Sears: No $50.00 “Come Back Cash” If You Pay With a Gift Card

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So earlier this week, I shared that Sears had a great promotion where you would get $50.00 in Come Back Cash when you spent $50.00 on Men’s clothing.  The one thing that the rebate stated was that you couldn’t use the come back cash offer with any other offer.  Who would have thought that a Sears Gift Card was an offer! 

I know some of you planned on getting some ECB at CVS this week with the purchase of a Sears card, to really stretch your dollar.  Bad news is that you now will not recieve the rebate if you use your gift card for your purchase.

I’ve had a few friends on the phone with customer service about this issue and they keep repeating the same phrase “I’m sorry ma’am, a gift card is considered an offer.”  So, once again K-Mart affiliated companies have found a way to take advantage of the consumer.

If you are as frusrated as I am over this issue, contact Customer Service and let them know.  It really frustrates me when companies do things such as this to conumers like you and me.


  1. ashley goodrich says

    I am SO glad you gave us the heads up on this one. I was actually going to go to CVS this evening and get a gift card but wound up working late and coming straight home. This is why Sears struggles as a company. I never shop there and was going to give them a try but not now. I’ll stick to Kohl’s!

  2. Mary says

    Great. I just bought the CVS gift cards yesterday. Does anyone know if I can exchange them for a Visa gift card or am I stuck buying something at Sears now?

  3. Gretchen says

    I e-mailed Sears last night and they said they would honor the rebate when a gift card was used. Maybe they changed their minds?

    • Tracie says

      I think they received a LOT of flack about it. Definitely is good to confirm and then keep your email in case they refuse to honor your rebate.