Sears Outlet: Shop Your Way Rewards Memebers Get Free Clothing on Tuesdays

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Did you take advantage of the Free Apparel Tuesdays at Sears Outlet Stores this past fall?  There’s good news – it is back again!!  This time they are doing it a tad bit differently.   Once they hit the right number of new Likes and/or Shares on the Sears Outlet Facebook page, they will release a coupon.

In order to get the free item, you must first be a Shop Your Way Rewards Member.  Once you sign up, you just have to take your card (along wit your valid email address) and the coupon from the Facebook page to any Sears Outlet and you can get one apparel tiem for free (exluding leather or outerwear).

This means FREE CLOTHES!!  It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.  You can learn more on the Sears Outlet Facebook page.  So get signed up today so you can get your free clothing!!

Of course, not all Sears Outlet stores carry apparel, so make sure that you call yours before you shop to see if they carry clothing!

Thanks, Kim!


  1. Shell says

    There are no outlets to use the free apparel Tues. coupon in New York but “liked” their pg & post to keep this going for other people. This should be available in KMart (shop your way reward members) – I rarely ever go there these days but KMart always seems to need customers and has leftover stock they must hope to get rid of so this would bring customers into their stores on tuesdays.

  2. Shaun says

    I went to Sears Outlet and got a cute pair of jeans! If I would have went through the process of getting a Sears card, they would have given me $15 and you don’t even have to activate the card.