Selling/Buying Gift Cards Can Be A Great Way To Make or Save

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It has probably happened to you.  Someone is being very thoughtful and sends you a gift card for your birthday, anniversary…or just about any other reason.  You think that it was just so sweet of them, but the gift card is to a store you never shop at.  Or worse, do not have close to where you live.  What can you do?  Why not sell it?

Plastic Jungle is a site where you can do just that.  You offer to sell your card — for an amount less than the balance.  They pay you in cash.  Yep – cash – not credit!  So you can literally sell your cards!  Not only can you sell those you don’t want, you can purchase those you need.

They sell gift cards to all sorts of merchants — and they are sold for less than face value.  That means a $50 gift card to Gap will cost only $44.50.   This is such a SMART way to shop.  If you plan on spending money at these stores anyhow, why not get the gift card, at a discount, and then pair it with the store coupon, and spend even less than you anticipated!

Maybe you were thinking about getting mom a gift card to her favorite store this year?  Or maybe you don’t know what to get that graduate.  You can get them a gift card to their favorite store at a discount!  How cool is that?