Sherwin Williams: Buy Now – Paint Later (And Save 40%)

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We are getting ready to paint our living room.  I stopped into my local Sherwin Williams store this morning to get some paint chips to put up on my wall to try to live with the colors for a few days.  As I was speaking with the gentleman who worked there, he told me that I should try to buy my paint this weekend as they were having a sale – 40% off of EVERYTHING!

I told him that I didn’t know if I would have the color determined by that time or not and he told me I didn’t have to.  He said I can buy my paint base without having it tinted – and save 40% a gallon.  Then, when I determine the color, I take the gallon back to the store and they will tint it for me for free!  He also advised me that if I bought too much paint and didn’t need it, they would allow me to return the base paint (untinted of course) for a full refund!

I was shocked!  Even though I do not know for certain the shade of paint I want, I am definitely stopping by on Friday to get all of the things I need.  Just another way to save on your projects!

So the next time your store has a hot deal on paint, ask your store about buying the base without tinting and then hang onto it and go back for tinting later on.

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