Shindigz: Personalized Banners Just $6.96 Shipped

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Good news!  I don’t remember if you all remember the FREE 18×54 personalized banner back in August – but it is back!!  Between now and February 11th, you can get a customized banner for just $0.01 at Shindigz.  You will have to pay shipping of $6.95 – but you will save $14.78 on your banner purchase.  

To get your $0.01 banner, just head on over to Shindigz and then in the search bar type in B1118 and search.  Several banners come up – click the one you want.  When it comes up, be sure that you select one that is 18×54 and is priced at $14.79.   Follow the prompts to personalize and proof it.  Once you approve the font, add it to your cart.  When you check out, use the code VSTEH6 and $14.78 will be deducted from your total purchase.

We purchased the one above for our daughter’s birthday and she was THRILLED when she saw it tacked to our garage door when she got home from school.  You can get them with just about ANYTHING you want!