Shutterfly: Check Your Email for Free PhotoBook + Get 50 Free Prints for New Members

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Last week I mentioned Shutterfly and that new members get  50 free 4×6″ prints just for signing up!  I also mentioned that you can get exclusive offers.  Last week I received one for $10 off of a $10 or more purchase and today I had one waiting for a FREE photobook!  The Since the  offer is linked to my account, I can’t share them with all of you.  The only way to get them for yourself is to create an account and then they will start to show up in your inbox.  Head to Shutterfly and get signed up.


  1. Sarah O says

    Oh wow! I had one and didn’t even notice it until I went back and looked and I’m usually so good about catching those (I got two in the past two weeks for $10 off). I love their books and will order one tonight. Thanks so much!

  2. Steve says

    My wife & I both have a shutterfly account & both received a free 8×8 hardcover for free this last week .I did mine first & it came back with a free shipping & handling code to use next time you place a order.My wife put one together & used the free book promo & also used the free shipping. Here’s was completely FREE , Cost $0 .

    They always have free photo book codes sent to us …So far in about 14 months we have 8 photo books, (all were 8×8 hardcovers) that were free from shutterfly between us. All of them have been perfect…..They are easy to use one you do a couple of books… Go ahead & put one together ahead of time on your shutterfly account & save it. Just wait till the Free book code comes& then apply it .

    Thanks Shutterfly