Shwings – Wings For Your Shoes For $7.98 Shipped

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These look something fun for the kids!  They can add wings to any shoes by wearing their Shwings!  Tanga has them for $4.99 today.  Shipping is a flat rate of $2.99, whether you buy 1 or 10!  They come in several colors including gold, silver, pink, blue…and more!

Product Specs:

Worn by Celebrities and their kids!

You can make your old shoes look new and your new shoes look cooler than everyone else’s! So stop searching for crazy and ridiculous shoe laces to spice up your tennis shoes because our Shwings are the ultimate accessory for your footwear!

Warning: Others will want your swagger when you are wearing Shwings, so you might be surrounded by a lot of copycats very soon!

One size fits most shoes. Measure 4.75 inches long x 2.25 inches tall. One set.

Visit Tanga to get this deal.

Thanks She Saved!