Sign Up for Unroll Me To Gain Control of Your Inbox

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If you look through your inbox, you might find all sorts of offers, newsletters and promotional offers you no longer wish to receive.  That means you have to go through and unsubscribe to each of them, which can take a lot of time.   There is a great FREE service you can use to help you do just this!  It is called Unroll Me.  You sign up and they help you unsubscribe from all of those annoying emails you keep receiving.

When you get to the site, your first step will be to enter your email address and then check the box to agree to the terms.


Once you hit continue, it will start to scan your inbox to find subscriptions you’ve signed up for.  Once done, it will ask you to click to continue to the next step.  You can then go through and click unsubscribe from the items that you no longer want to receive and it will help you do just that – keep them out of your inbox!

One unique feature it will offer you is the Rollup.  It will take select emails and just combine them together into just one daily email.  So, that means rather than 5 emails, you will get just one.  That can definitely help keep your inbox organized.

Visit Unroll Me to sign up today!

Important note:  This will work only on accounts which are using Google, Yahoo or as their email server.  So, keep that in mind before you sign up or you will not be able to register.