Skintimate Coupon: Wrong UPC?

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Above is an image of a coupon from this wekeend’s insert.  It shows $1/1 Skintimate Cream Shave.   Since it is in the inserts, it should scan without any problems when you purchase that exact item, right?  Not necessarily.

Playtex recently purchased Edge and Skintimate products, which in turn changed the UPC codes.    That means, if you happened to pick up the new packaging, your coupon just may not scan – even though you purchased the correct item.  The difference is that the old code is the SC Johnson code, which works on Signature Scents and Skin Therapy cans rather than the Cream Shave.

So, what does this mean to you?  It means that you have to make sure that you check the barcode of the product and the coupon to make sure that they match up.   Your cashier may also manually over ride the coupon and push it through, when you show that you did purchase the right item.  Is that legal for them to do?  Yes it is.  Your product purchased matches the product on the coupon, so they can do a manual over ride and allow your coupon to be applied to your purchase.

Did your coupon beep?  Did the cashier push it through for you?

Thanks, Jenna for sharing this with us!!


  1. momof3 says

    I had a problem using mine at Walgreens, it would not scan, but the manager overrode it and took it anyway

  2. Kristi says

    My insert coupons scanned correctly at Walgreens, but my printable from the computer did not….I wasn’t sure why. Thanks for the heads-up. The nice cashier at Walgreens did an over-ride for me though since he saw the products matched.

  3. Michelle says

    Oh great, I recently printed some $1.50 coupons for this product from SmartSource. You know if this one beeps, they will accuse me of printing fake coupons! Especially since it’s high value. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. sara says

    Yes I had trouble at CVS and they would not honor my printed coupon. They said sorry to many fake coupons going around. I asked the management and they wouldn’t take it either. Huge bummer

  5. Kindra says

    Thanks for the info! I had 3 coupons and only 1 scanned. The cashier at CVS couldn’t figure out why, but she was kind enough to enter them manually because I’d obviously purchased the correct product.

  6. Nicole says

    That is why mine beeped! LOL!
    I was so wondering…mine was the $1.50/1 SmartSource printable! Luckilly I had the nicest cashier EVER (at CVS) and he pushed it on through for me! So kind!