Smartsource Coupons

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Here is a list of the coupons that you can find at right now.

$1.00/1 Dole 5 oz Premium Baby Blend Salad
$.40/1 Betty Crocker Potatoes (other than buds)
$1.00/2 Pillsbury Cookie Dough
$0.55/1 Lucky Charms Cereal
$0.35/1 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
$0.50/1 Pillsbury Frozen Rolls
$0.50/2 Pillsbury Grands
$0.60/2 Pillsbury Italian Meals Breads
$0.35/1 Pillsbury Grands Sweet Rolls
$1.00/1 Pillsbury Savorings Flaky Pastry Bites
$0.75/1 Various Total Cereals
$0.55/1 Cheerios Cereal
$0.50/6 Yoplait Yogurt
$1.00/2 Various Yoplait Products (various kids’ yogurts)
$1.00/1 Hershey’s Bliss
$0.45/1 Clabber Girl Corn Starch
$0.75/1 No Yolks Noodles
$1.00/1 Star Olive Oil
$1.50/1 Biz Additive
$1.00/1 Ultraswim Chlorine Remover
$1.00/1 Theraflu
$0.50/1 March Issue of Lucky Magazine
$1.00/1 Sani-Hands for Kids
$1.00/1 Simply Orange w/Mango or Pineapple
$1.00/1 Barber Foods Chicken Product
$0.75/1 Herpecin Product
$3.00/1 Nature’s Best Pet Food
$1.00/1 Disney Sponge Cakes
$1.00/1 Excedrin Express Gels (20 ct+)
$1.00/1 FruitSense Vitamin Water
$2.00/1 New Phase Dietary Supplement
$1.00/1 Mean Green Products
$2.00/1 Melatonex Dietary Supplement
$1.00/3 Jello when you buy one gallon of milk
$1.50/1 Oxydol Detergent
$1.00/2 6 oz+ Blue Diamond Almonds
$0.75/1 March Issue of Allure Magazine
$1.00/1 Crab Classic or Lobster Classic
$0.55/1 Land O Lakes Margarine
$1.00/1 Pamprin
$0.55/1 Tribe Hummus
$0.75/1 Benzodent
$1.00/1 8 oz+ Blue Diamond Almonds
$1.00/1 Wholly Guacamole or Salsa
$1.00/1 Cortizone Products
$1.00/1 Hungry-Man XXL Sandwich
$1.00/1 Kaopectate Product
$1.00/1 Neosporin Product
$2.00/1 Oscal Products
$0.75/1 Tribe Organic Hummus
$5.00/1 Science Diet
$1.00/2 Dole Parfaits
$0.50/1 Wacky Mac Pasta
$1.00/1 Pedia-Lax
$1.00/1 Gold Bond Ultimate Lotion
$1.00/1 Bullfrog Sunscreen
$1.00/1 Energizer Hearing Aid Battery Pack
$1.00/1 K-Cups
$0.55/1 Fresh Gourmet Crispy Onions
$3.00/1 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross First Aid Products
$1.00/1 Hylands Calms Forte Sleep Aid
$3.00/1 Dexatrim
$1.00/1 Citre Shine Hair Product
$1.00/1 Flex-Tastic
$1.00/1 Peloponnese Product
$2.00/1 Zaditor Product
$1.00/1 Garlique Product
$5.00/1 Aquafresh White Trays
$2.00/1 DenTek Jaw Pain Relief
$3.00/1 ameal bp
$1.00/1 Sylvania CFL Product
$1.00/1 AQuify Solution
$0.55/1 Greased Lightning
$2.00/1 Acidophilus Pearls

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