Snapfish: Spread Some Snapiness & Get $5.00

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Snapfish wants to help you “Spread Some Snappiness” this holiday season.  Just create a special memory or eve just dedicate a photo and you will both get a speical surprise!    Here’s how to spread your snapiness:

  • Celebrate:  Just select one person who has made a difference in  your life and thank them, send good wishes or just tell them you are thinking of them.
  • Honor: You can honor someone by sharing a memory of an event during 2010 by uploading your phoot and message to tell someone how mucdh they mean to you (including the e-mail and name of recipient). (Upload to — be sure to click the “Snappiness” link.)
  • Share: Share the photo of your most cherished memory with the person whom inspires you the most and with the Snapfish family via Facebook. The photo and special message will be shared on that friend’s Facebook Wall and in the “Spread Some Snappiness” photo album.

Thanks Savings & Stewardship!