Snapple Ice Tea 6 Pack Mail in Rebate

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There is a mail in rebate offer from Snapple.  When you purchase a 6 pack of Iced Tea, you can get a full rebate of up to $6.99.  You can submit your rebate in a couple of ways.  You can try to find the peelie that has the rebate form on it.  If you can’t find that, you can simply mail in index card that includes the following information:

Phone and/or Email
Flavor Purchase
Price Paid
Store Name
Be sure to include your original sales receipt dated May 1st – July 7th and the proof of purchase with the index card and mail it to:
Snapple 6 Pack Rebate Offer
PO Box 40896
Houston, TX 77240
This offer is limited to one person per household and within 6 – 8 weeks you should receive your check.