Earn Up to $20 Credit Instantly!

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There’s a great daily deal site called who is celebrating a major milestone — 100,000 Facebook Fans!  To celebrate, they are giving away anywhere from $5 – $20 in credits.  The credit can be redeemed at anytime – so no rush.

To get your credit, just answer 3 questions and you receive MONEY!!  Then, you can keep “peeqing” around the site and learn more and earn more cash credits.

The basic idea is this — When you see an item you like, you click the Peeq button.  That flips around the price tag.  You can then also earn badges and points buy checking out prices.  You can even share deals and earn badges that way as well.

One example is on Kate Spade products.  You can actually receive a Kate Spade Ambassador badge which shows your friends that you are in tune with that brand.    You can then turn in that badge and gain more deals on items.    Or, even better, turn in your badges and points and get items for FREE!!!

What have you got to lose — but potentially FREE CREDITS!!  Head over and take a “peeq” around!

Thanks My Dallas Mommy!