Solofill Cups: Refillable K-Cups

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So, I know that many people aren’t fans of the Keurig simply because of the fact that you have to always BUY those K-Cups (which can really add up quickly).  There is a now a great alternative which allows you to use your OWN ground coffee – thus saving you money – and helping the environment by not throwing those cups away every single day. 

If you check out the reviews, it gets 5 stars over and over again.  I’m not sure what the lifespan is of the cup, but I am sure that it will pay for itself over and over again before you’ll need to replace it.  The cost is $16.95, but if you have a Student or Amazon Mom account, it will ship for free.  Otherwise, it will ship for free when you spend $25 in qualifying purchases.

OOPS – forgot the link!  Sorry – you can find these HERE – on Amazon.

Thanks Coupon Geek & She Saved!


  1. Jamie says

    I own a Keurig, and I LOVE IT, yes the K-cups are pricey but if you shop at Bed Bath and Beyond use the 20% Coupon you save… But the Keurig also comes with one of these filter things so you can use your own coffee… That is the one thing I also LOVED about this product….

  2. Charlene says

    I love my Keurig. I even take it on vacation with me!! At 50 cents a k-cup, its still more reasonable than starbucks. Also, Kohls carrys the coffee, and like Jamie mentioned, they always have coupons, so its easy to stock up cheap. Kohls also carries a refilable k-cup like the one on amazon. Its around the same price.