Sparkly Snow Slime

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Sparkly Snow Slime

If you want an easy, inexpensive way to keep your kids busy for hours on a cold winter day, you need to make this awesome Sparkly Snow Slime! It’s only three ingredients, and is a sensory wonderland for kids of all ages (I’ll even admit I played with it for a while too!) It doesn’t make a mess, and is so quick to make.


Two bottle of cold school glue
I cup of cold liquid starch
LOTS of clear glitter

I refrigerated my bottles of glue in the fridge overnight. You can leave it in there for just a couple of hours, and it would be just fine. The liquid starch needed to be refrigerated too. This keeps everything mixing well while the compound is setting up, so it doesn’t get warm and gooey too quickly. I found my bottle of liquid starch for just a couple of bucks, for a BIG bottle, in the laundry aisle at Walmart. Look for it near the stain treatments etc. I’m giving you this wonderful bit of advice because I wandered all over Walmart looking for mine!

Once your starch and glue are cold, you’re ready to begin mixing. In a large bowl, pour in your bottles of glue. Add the cup of starch, and then stick your hands in and start mixing. Normally this is something I would have my kids do, because it’s fun and messy in a good way, but since this mixture was so cold, I just went ahead and did it. You will need to mix with your hands for probably 5-10 minutes before it finally starts to form into a spongy type shape. It will seem like the starch is never going to completely mix with the glue, but it will. Just keep mixing and squeezing.

Once you feel like it’s about halfways finished, you can add the glitter. I used a lot, because we like glitter, and because it didn’t show up well without it. We used a clear glitter to keep the illusion of snow, but really you could use any color if you wanted. Mix and mix until everything is combined. Once your Sparkly Snow Slime has reached more of a solid consistency than a gloppy, slimy consistency, it’s ready to be played with. I just sat my daughter down at the kitchen table, and let her play with the slime over a large baking sheet. It cleans up super easy, and she loved it.

Beat those cold winter days by making some fun Sparkly Snow Slime! It will keep your kids from saying they’re bored for at least ten minutes!

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