What To Do If Your Spouse Isn’t On Board with Using Coupons

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Ideas to get your spouse to start using coupons!

I recently had a reader share with me that her spouse did not think that clipping and redeeming coupons was worth it.  She had tried to convince him, but asked me for tips and ideas on what she could do to show him that is really does make a difference.

Since all of our readers have such great ideas, I actually turned to them for their own ideas and tips to help her.  They really had some amazing tips which anyone can use to help convince their spouse, partner or significant other how using coupons really DOES make a difference!  Here are some of their responses:

“All it will take is one time of you stacking your coupons on top of a mega deal-type sale, with him in tow, for him to get hooked. When you can point to a 70% savings, even a stubborn individual will get intrigued by that amount saved!” — reader Judy

“I write down what coupons I use and their value. I also write down the regular price of the item and the on sale price. At the end of the month tally up what the regular price would have been-minus the sale price and the coupons value. It’s very easy to see what you would have spent without the savings at that point. My husband was a skeptic too and now he brags to others about me and the amount of money I save !!” — reader Cindy

“Bribe him show him how much money you can save in one grocery trip then make an example like we shop every week so save an average of x amount of $ every week times 52 weeks in a yr then tell him what could we do with this $ if we saved it for a year.” — reader Jessica

“I say take him out of the loop and do what my parents did. She was a stay at home mom(6kids);they put aside a set amount to be spent on food for the week. She planned her meals around the sales and couponed. Whatever she saved was hers to spend on anything that she chose. Made them both very happy.” — reader Kathleen

“Start a spreadsheet of all of the coupon savings so he can see how much you are savings and at the end of the year tally it up so he can see it really is worth it.” — reader April

These are just a few of the amazing tips which were shared. You can find ALL of them on our Facebook page.  Thanks to all of our readers for sharing such great ideas!!!


  1. shawna says

    Ask your husband if he works hard for his money? His answer will be yes….as we all do. Then why not keep it. Men communicate and see things differently than women do. They see coupons as work and they are…I wouldnt be honest if i stated differently.
    Or as a joke…take a high valued coupon such as a five dollar coupon and ask him for five dollars….then throw them both in the trash….there goes the money you worked hard for. But it will catch his attention. Coupons are money in my opinion and once you see them that way you change your/his view of coupons. For every coupon dollar I use is one that didn’t come out of our pocket.

    Communication is always key…for instance my husband will not take the shopping list and the coupons to the store. Coupons aren’t his thing…he hates waiting and having coupons be scrutinized. He loves the money that we save just simply doesn’t have the patience…. knowing that I don’t expect him to handle this task. So communicate.

    You also have this GREAT website that does some of the work for you. They work hard at helping you save money.