Spring Break in Kansas City: Some Free Things You Can Do

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Spring break is coming up very soon for a lot of families.   It may not be in your budget to take a lavish vacation, so here are a few things you might be able to do right here in Kansas City — which are free!

  • Hallmark Visitor Center.  You can take a behind the scenes tour of this home town company.
  • Kaleidosocope Family Center.  The kids can create crafts, cards, puzzles — all sorts of things.  They have set times when you can enter, so make sure you check out the website ahead of time.
  • Boulevard Brewing company offers free tours!  You will need to register for a tour time by calling ahead 816-474-7095.  (This is one mom and dad might need after a busy week with the kids).


  1. kelliinkc says

    Sadly, we have outgrown these.I hope you will post some freebies for the preteen and teen groups if you should happen to come across any. I mean you can only window shop or go to the movies so many times….. If the weather takes a warmer turn……we hope to get to the KC Zoo to see the new Polar Bear and the progress on the Penguin House (basically free to us at this point since we have a family membership) but I am looking for other ideas that will not break my budget and make me look lame. LOL