Staples: 2 Cases of Paper for as Little as $3.05+ Tax Shipped

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Here is a HOT deal on copier paper at Staples!  Between coupons and rebates, you can get two cases of paper for as little as $3.05+ tax!!  Here’s how this will work:

1.  Sign up or log into your account at Shop at Home.  By doing this, you can earn 3% cash back on your purchase.  However, if you would rather just shop directly through the site, you can go to Staples.

2.  Once you get to the Staples site, select “Order by Catalog#” at the top of the page.

3.  Input the number 122374-QJ.  This will bring up HammerMill Copy Plus Copy Paper.  The price will be $24.99 for one case.  Place 2 of these into your cart.

4.  On the next screen select Add/Edit Coupon and input 47617.  This will deduct $5.00 per case, for a total discount of $10.00. 

5.  When you checkout, shipping to the store will be free.  If you spend $50.00, you can get this shipped to your home for free.  You can pick up 1 dozen pencils for $1.61 if you are looking for something inexpensive to bring your total over $50.00 (plus $1.61 is less than you’ll pay for shipping, so worth it to me). 

6.  When you checkout, your total will be $51.59+ tax (your local sales tax will be applied here).  You will see FREE shipping on your order. 

7.  Within 7 – 10 days, you will see $1.54 credited back to your Shop at Home account.  If this happens to be your first purchase through them, you will even get a $5.00 credit to your account as well.

8.  You will then need to submit your order receipt by June 17, 2010, to get a $32.00 rebate ($16.00 per case).  This rebate comes to you in the form of a pre-paid Visa card.  One important thing to note that your purchase MUST be made from April 18 – April 24 to get this rebate offer.

So, after all rebates have been applied, you could potentially have a final total that looks like this:

$49.98 2 Cases Paper   
   1 .61   1 Dozen Pencils
-10.00   Coupon Code
–  1.54    Shop at Home Rebate
–  5.00   Shop at Home first time purchase rebate
-32.00  Easy Saver Rebates
$ 3.05+ Tax

I ran this deal myself and all of the codes worked without any problems.  I also saw the shipping charges were removed and my shipping was completely free!!  If you need copy paper, I’d try get in on this deal as soon as you can!

Thanks Eric!OK – this deal JUST got better!!  When you check out you can get $3.75 in staples rewards.  Take that times two and that is $7.50.  This means FREE paper!!!  Be sure to input your Staples Rewards Card Member information into your account before you check out. (Thanks Money Saving Madnesss)!


  1. Michelle Woods says

    looks like it went through! Great deal, was need paper and looking around for a good deal. When you submitted on staples easy rebates, did it show 1 rebate for 16, but comes through as 2? Just wondering because mine shows 1 rebate and I’m hoping that since I put in the order number and there are two boxes, they will send me 2 cards.

    • Tracie says

      It should give you one rebate per purchase. Since your order number shows 2, you should get 2 cards!

      • Karen says

        … probably only get one card with both credits on it….I purchased something from Staples recently, rebate allowed 2, purchased 2, received 1 card with both rebates on it….

    • Eric in OP (also KCJohnGalt at SD) says

      You only need to submit the rebate through the online process once for it to give you the 2 rebates – the Staples screen actually tells you that when you submit it, so don’t worry.

      Also, if you’d prefer a rebate check rather than a prepaid VISA card, the second-to-last screen allows you to choose that. If you end up on the final screen that asks you to confirm it as the final order, you’ve gone one screen too far – hit your back button to go back and you’ll see the option to choose your your method of payment.

  2. says

    Did this deal tonight and worked like a charm!! Posted this deal on my blog and of course linked back to you!!!! YOU ROCK!! Thanks so much for this awesome deal on paper!!!! I ended up paying $33.24 tonight because I had rewards checks to use up and I am going to get $32.00 back!! WOOT!!!

  3. Shannon says

    I put my order in also… I did see that as well. I read the terms. It does say only 2 rebates per house… so it should be fine. There is also a number for customer service for this rebate 1-877-266-6483. we could also call and find out more if there will be a problem. I hope not. 🙂 I wish i could get a great rebate on INK… Running out very fast.

  4. Kathie says

    Thanks for the great deal on paper! I was getting worried I was going to actually have to BUY paper! Not sure if I really needed this much but I have several non-profits I’m sure could use some extra copy paper.

  5. says

    I just blogged about it. There is also an option to get the rebate as a check or gift card instead of a debit card if preferred. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Valerie says

    You say “you can get two reams of paper for as little as $3.05+ tax!!” but don’t you mean 2 cases – or 20 reams?

  7. Trisha says

    Just completed this process, 11.63 for 20 reams is WAY better than $5 bucks a ream at target or walmart! This is a great deal!

  8. Noeleen says

    I’ve never used Shop at Home before. I have Staples rewards that expires next week. Can I pay for the paper with my rewards? TIA

  9. Sherri says

    Here is how my purchase looked:

    $49.98 (2 Cases Paper)
    1.29 (1 Dozen Pencils)
    – 10.00 (Coupon Code)
    + 2.72 (Tax)
    -1.54 (Shop at Home Rebate)
    -32.00 (Staples Easy Saver Rebates)
    – 5.00 (Staples Rewards)
    $5.45 OOP when it’s all said and done. Not bad for 2 cases of paper (20 reams) and 1 dozen pencils! 🙂

    • Amy Solis says

      Hey Sherri. I just posted this below but thought I would send a reply to you. Did you have to put in a code to get it to show as on sale for $24.99? Mine is showing 37.98 for each one and I don’t know how to change it. I called customer service and they were rude and said they couldn’t help me.

  10. Amy says

    This was my first time using Shop at Home. I am thinking I wished I had signed up earlier for this one. Anyway, how does the cash back thing work? Do you use credit to shop at their store or any store or do you actually get a rebate check at some point?
    Thanks for all the great deals!

  11. Juanita says

    sweet deal!! I just hope it does give (2) cards for the rebate. Cause it only showed 1 rebate, but limit is 2. Thanks

  12. Sebaco says

    Just received my order….but no rebate cards or checks?

    Will they come separately or have I been scammed?

  13. Sebaco says

    Please ignore above comment….i see that you have to go to web and fill out the info to get the card(s)! Thank you…$32 coming my way.

  14. Amy Solis says

    When I put the paper in my shopping cart it is showing up as $37.98 for one. Is there some code I need to put in to get it for the $24.99?

  15. Jenny says

    I am so bummed. I went on tonight to do this deal and it was over. I thought they would continue the deal until the end of today but I guess not.