Staples Copy & Print: Return Address Stamp $0.99 + Free Shipping

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princess stamp

Update:  It looks like the price is back up to $9.99.

Here is a GREAT deal from Staples Copy & Print! You can get a Return Address Stamper personalized for just $0.99! Make sure you follow the detailed steps below to get yours now! You can do this several times, and make one for yourself, the kids, or maybe your child’s teacher as a Valentine’s Day gift!

Here’s how to get the deal:

-Go to Staples Copy & Print
-Click the blue Shop Now stamper, and then the red picture with the stamper that says Order Now!
-Choose the first stamp listed. (It should be priced at $0.99)
-Scroll through the layout options and choose the one that says Upload Your Design.
-**IMPORTANT STEP** Choose your image — you cannot use one of theirs. You must upload an image that is “yours”, as this will trigger the option of FREE Shipping when you checkout! I simply uploaded FREE clipart from word! You can also choose to leave your uploaded image off by placing the image out in the margins.  It will warn you that is happening, and you can just “continue without changes”.
-Click through all the add-on items — I think I hit next 3 times!
-Choose Free Shipping and your stamps will be on their way for $0.99!!

**This offer is ONLY valid online and by phone.  Not valid in store or for in-store pickup. While supplies last.**


  1. Jenny says

    Just got an email from Staples that my order does not quality for free shipping. I must make a decision on if I want 7 day shipping or 3 day shipping within a few days or they will cancel my order. 7 day shipping is $9.99. Bummer!