Save 40% off of Select Mobile Devices = Kindle Charger and Cord Just $12.99

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Hurry on over to grab a FREE voucher you can use to save 40% off of your mobile devices through Amazon.  Just click the orange APPLY CODE button to get yours.  This offer will automatically be applied to your account.  However, make sure you do NOT place your order until you receive an email letting you know that it has been applied to your account (or the discount will not be applied).  You will be able to save 40% off of select mobile accessories (note that you can not just use it on anything you would like). You will save 40% off of the first $250 you spend — resulting in a maximum discount of $100.  You can spend more than $250, but you will only save a total of $100.

Once you have your voucher, you will see that the Kindle Fast Plug will drop to $11.99.  Under Special Offers you will find that when you purchase the fast plug along with the Amazon Kindle 5ft Micro USB cable, you will save $5 instantly.  Not only that, when you purchase the cable, you will receive a free $2 MP3 credit!  And, since that item is ALSO included in the voucher, your grand total for both items will be just $12.99!!  Here’s a recap of exactly HOW to get this offer:

  1. Go get your FREE voucher to save 40% off of your mobile devices.
  2. Wait to get your confirmation email from Amazon that this is in your account.
  3. Head back over and add the Kindle Fast Plug to your shopping cart.
  4. Add the Amazon Kindle 5ft Micro USB cable to your shopping cart.
  5. When you get to checkout, all discounts will be applied and your total will be $12.99:
  6. Within a couple of days, you will also have a $2 MP3 credit in your account as well!

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    • Tracie says

      If you click on the 40% off link above it takes you to Amazon Local to sign up so that you can get your voucher. Which link are you saying gives you that error as I just checked and they all worked for me.