Stores Overcharging Sales Tax When Using Coupons

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Did you know that in the State of Missouri that you only pay sales tax on what you are charged? Even if the coupon says you are responsible for sales tax – in Missouri you AREN’T! This was based upon a law that was passed back in 2007 that prohibits stores from doing this.

NBC Action News – 41 just aired a story today about this and I had a reader share the link with me (I missed it as my TV seems to be permanently stuck on Nick Jr these days). You will want to read up to learn more about what is happening.

Here’s an example: If you purchase a product for $2.00 and have a coupon for $0.50/1, then you pay $1.50 — and are to be taxed only on the $1.50. This is REGARDLESS of what the coupon says. Even if you have a coupon for a free product, you do not pay ANY sales tax on the product!

It is very hard to determine if your store is overcharging you, so you may have to come home and do some math to make the determination on your own. If you find you are overcharged, you can show Customer Service in the store and they should issue you a refund of the overage.

This is only a minor recap of the investigation — so head over here and see / read the entire story. It’s a good one!!

Thanks Zach for sharing this with me!

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