Summertime Brain Hop – Week 6: Community

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This week for Summertime Brain Hop – Hopping Around the Internet with Ideas To Make Summer Fun we will focus on Community.  There are countless activities out there for this topic, and I tried to find some more unique activities and crafts that you may not have seen before.  I am definitely going to start with the “Me on the Map” activity/project.  It’s a great way to help younger children visualize just where they fit in — in this big world of ours! We will give you links to printables, lessons, crafts and even some fun new recipes you can try.  We will end each theme with a party or field trip in our house!!! Use this and tailor it to meet the needs of your family – but most of all, have some Summertime Fun with your kids!!
Interactive Word Search
People and Occupations – Big List with MANY interactive ideas

How the Town Of Meatball Springs Got It’s Name – Info on naming a city, kids create their own silly story online – (like an online Mad-Libs)
Community Helper Bingo
Families At Work – Create a book of various people at work. Lots of ideas for pretend play, art ideas, and more!

Coloring Pages – chef, Doctor, Business Man/Woman, Nurse, Scientist, & More
Community Helpers Word Search

A to Z Community Helpers Book (would be great for the end of the week)

Me on the Map
FANTASTIC activity/visual aid to help demonstrate spatial awareness in the world! Rather than starting with a school, start with your home! The kids will like seeing their homes on Google Earth! (I will do this one FIRST with my kids!)

Egg Carton FireTruck

Make and Eat Mail!
Fun (and silly) Dentist Mouth Snack
Fire Truck Cookies

Schedule a tour of your local: Fire Station, Post office, Grocery Store, Library, etc.
Help serve a meal at a homeless shelter.
Stop and watch all the activity at a construction site. (from a sage distance, of course!)