Summertime Brain Hop ~ Weird Science ~ WEEK 2

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Summertime Brain Hop
Hopping Around the Internet with Ideas To Make Summer Fun
~ Weird Science ~

This week we are planning on making some messes – while we learn! Science is such a fun, hands-on way for children to learn about many fascinating topics.  There are endless resources out there for you, but again I have collected a few of my favorites to share.  My hope is that it there will be something fun for you to do with your kids….whether you decide to do an activity each day of the week or even select one or two to accomplish.  It just might help you all weather summertime boredom.  And maybe, just maybe, your kids will learn a few things while you are at it!

Why teach Science? Because it is part of our everyday lives. Everyday. From the time we wake up and make breakfast – to the time we lather the kids up in the evening for baths and brushing teeth! Even down to the moment we watch them drift off into dreamland after reading a book or listening to soft music. Science is everywhere – and it just so happens, most kids are fascinated by it!!! This week we will focus on FUN & WEIRD Science!!

Science Experiment – coloring page
Types of Energy – connect the dots
Mad Scientists – coloring page
Types of Energy – word search

Why Teach Science? – short intro
The Scientific Method Workbook PDF – print and use for experiments all week
Science Topics & resources
Activities for Elementary Students – lots of projects
The Water Cycle – interactive website
The Yuckiest Site on The Internet – Discovery Kids games, videos, etc.

Psychedelic Lava Lamp  – immiscible liquids, density (it’s a homemade lava lamp!!!)
Magic Spoon static electricity, charges
Bucket Spinning – centripetal force
Shadow Sciencemeasurement, comparison, recording data
Dirt Lab – properties, observation, change, exploration

Eat Like a Snake – Sort of
Lemonade Fizzy Pop
Making Butter & Whipped Cream