Sun Fresh Weekly Matchups: 10/5 – 10/11

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You can find the weekly ad for Sun Fresh Markets here. Sun Fresh will double your coupons up to $0.50. The coupon policy is available in the stores, so make sure you check with them before you shop.

Here are your weekly Sun Fresh matchups. If something is a great deal, you can find it in GREEN to hopefully help you identify it more easily.

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  1. Nayelly says

    My sunfresh only doubles up to .49 cents 🙁 they changed their policy, so i would def check before shopping!

  2. Shaun says

    Went to Sunfresh this evening to buy the Campbell’s Select Harvest soups. I had coupons for 50 cents off two and Sunfresh is supposed to double making it a dollar. Beware the register did double the coupon but took off 40 cents instead of 50. I had to go to the service counter where the manager refunded the twenty cents.

  3. Rebecca says

    I noticed that today’s Sun Fresh ad read that they double coupons everyday…didn’t it used to state that they double up to and including 50 cents? Also on the website it states (under policy) that they don’t double coupons 50 cents and up. That’s new…and a bummer. The past few times I’ve gone in there with several coupons (to be doubled), cashiers have told me about shoppers getting hundreds of dollars worth of free groceries after all their coupons. I realize that extreme couponing is wonderful in many ways, but stores might be wising up to it and are having to change their coupon policies to survive.

    • Tracie says

      Double coupons are a way that many people are saving. Stores have made many changes to thier policies, just like Sunfresh has done. I understand that they need to watch their bottom line, but it affects all shoppers.